Highlights & Accomplishments

Some professional highlights and accomplishments.

First In Country Network in Bolivia

In late 2001, the Bolivian telephony market deregulated and allowed other operators to compete with incumbent Entel.  The challenge for ITXC was to implement the first ever in-country network for COTAS-Teledata.

I managed the network implementation resulting in producing call quality statistics better than the competition.  I performed project management and sales functions for ITXC winning the company’s annual All Star award for the results.  More details here.

Company’s First Outsourcing Agreement with Strategic Partner

Teleglobe was the first telecom provider to explore outsourcing of services for retail providers.  In 2009, our team secured a 5 year, $300M agreement with British Telecom to provide routing and switching services.  In addition, we provided applications to run their wholesale telecom operations.

This agreement was the first of it’s kind in the industry and was a huge success for Teleglobe.  My efforts earned a spot in the company’s Sales Pro Club.

Proctor and Gamble RFID Implementation

My company provided RFID software and management for warehouses using SAP.  I successfully managed the sales and implementation activities for the Proctor and Gamble agreement both onsite and remotely.

The implementation was across 4 warehouse locations and involved several phases of implementation.   P&G was extremely happy with the implementation which lead to additional opportunities for the company.

Largest Wholesale Carrier Integration

In 2004, Canadian based Teleglobe agreed to purchase VOIP provider ITXC Corporation creating the largest wholesale voice carrier in the world.

The integration team was handpicked by the CEO and COO of both companies.  I was chosen to lead the integration from the ITXC side and we successfully integrated our company processes, tools and operations.